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Welcome at Etosha View Hunting

The 10 000 ha farm, Etosha View is situated on the southern border of the world famous Etosha National Park, 470 km from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia (formerly known as South West Africa). The farm is only 100 km from the Anderson Gate of the park that gives access to Okakuejo Camp in the park. Hunters frequently fit a day visit in to see the park and to view the multitude of game.P1030659 490x370

The farm has some species not present in the park like Black gnu, Waterbuck and Blesbuck. A population of Black Rhino thrives on the farm and visitors are guaranteed to see the Rhino close by. Occasionally Lion and Elephant come into the farm and other predators like Spotted and Brown Hyena as well as Leopard is resident on the farm. The farm has a 1200 m landing strip for light aircraft and in the unlikely event of an accident evacuation by a Medivac plane is possible.

Antonio 038 750kg 38 inch1Namibia is a meat country: a variety of game dishes from a wide range of game species (usually from animals hunted by yourself) are served as well as beef from free range cattle and mutton (lamb) from fat tailed African sheep from the farm. The legacy from German colonial times lives on in Namibia in in a variety of bread , sausages and cold cuts that guests can enjoy. Game sausages and steaks are also on the menu of traditional dishes. Should prospective guests have allergies or/and strong likes and dislikes, please communicate this to us when booking. Soft drinks (soda-pop) and beer is included in the day fee. Wine and liquor are not. A typical hunting day start before sunrise with filter coffee and traditional, home-made rusks. At about 11 a substantial brunch is served and dinner is at night after the hunt is done.  The meals are served at the main house



At the hunting lodge 220v power outlets cater for the charging of camera and cell phone batteries. Please ensure to bring along the correct adaptors to plug in. Cell phone reception at the main house is very good, at the hunting lodge it is satisfactory and calls can be made. Internet, although slow, is available.